Case Studies

At STS Defence, “what we do” is not simply defined by our capabilities and services – they only tell part of our story.

These Case Studies describe how we use our experience to add value to our offer, reacting and adapting to our Customers’ needs.

RN Satcom

Our challenge: To develop the infrastructure to provide 24/7, worldwide support for the RN’s critical UHF Satcom systems

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Bowman Radio

Our challenge: To provide a secure voice and data network between a seaboat and the mother warship.

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Ice Patrol Ship

Our Challenge: To design and install a containerised, military communications outfit into HMS Protector.

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Gunnery Support System

Our Challenge: To install, demonstrate and trial a gunnery control network while in an operational theatre

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Data Distribution System

Our challenge: To design, install and support a data distribution system at Naval Air Stations.

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Dormant Vessel Monitoring

Our challenge: To develop a remote monitoring system to reduce the personnel needed to guard dormant vessels

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Satcom Van

Our challenge: To provide a mobile facility to allow alongside testing and simulation.

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Containerised Network Node

Our challenge: To design and develop a container to act as transplanted network node.

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