Case Studies

Containerised Network Node

Our challenge: To design and develop a container to act as transplanted network node.

All Royal Navy vessels are equipped with the DII system to provide them with a secure military network.
However, when they are being refitted, vessels need to continue to operate on the DII network, so a system was required to allow members of the crew to continue working in a secure environment while disembarked from the vessel.
STS Defence’s solution, in collaboration with DIST and the ATLAS Expertise Group, was to design and build a secure and transportable containerised host into which the vessel’s DII node could be temporarily transplanted.
The challenge was met within a tight schedule of only five months from concept to completion.
Building upon STS Defence’s successful design of a containerised, communications office for HMS Protector,  the Royal Navy’s Ice Patrol Ship, a 20ft ISO container was designed to keep two servers and multiple user terminals fully operational and connected to the DII network via satellite.
Several engineering challenges had to be overcome including dissipating the heat generated by the computer equipment while maintaining a safe working environment. The modular design of the container allows it to meet a wide variety of computing requirements and can be shipped via road, rail, sea or air to virtually any location in the world and be up and running as soon as the computer equipment can be installed.


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