Case Studies

Dormant Vessel Monitoring

Our challenge: To help the Royal Navy develop a remote ship monitoring system to reduce the personnel needed to monitor vessels alongside.

Manning the Royal Navy’s vessels Mine Counter Measures Vessels (MCMV), while in their base port, required as many as nine people per boat to monitor key systems and alarms.

As part of the ‘Rebalancing Lives’ initiative, our challenge was to help design a remote monitoring system to replace the physical presence of watch-keeping personnel.

Working with the MCMV Integrated Project Team (IPT), a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) system was developed and tested and STS Defence then went on to build and install the system on all MCMV platforms.

The Dormant Ship Monitoring System continuously monitors the ship’s alarm and warning panel for critical alarm conditions. Any of the critical alarms monitored can then trigger a text message to the mobile phones of the duty ship keepers ashore. The alarms monitored include fire and flood, gyro fault, failure of shore electrical supply and motion detectors – in effect, a ship-borne burglar alarm.

As part of our programme to outfit the Ice Patrol Ship with a fully containerised communications system, a second generation system was developed to monitor and report fault conditions to the ship’s bridge from the container located deep within the hull.

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