Case Studies

Ice Patrol Ship

Our challenge:  To introduce a portable, containerised, full military communications outfit into the HMS Protector, providing RF and shore telecommunications required to securely communicate with the United Kingdom, Falkland Islands and any other UK military unit operating in the South Atlantic region.

In January 2011, STS Defence were tasked with designing, building, installing and setting-to-work a full military communications outfit to HMS Protector (Ice Patrol Ship).

The fit included a large number of antennas located on the ship’s bridge roof, a number of operating and remote positions within the bridge and other compartments and several kilometres of cables linking them to the 40ft ISO container in the ship’s lower hold.

The container was outfitted with equipment supplied by the MoD, much of which was recovered from de-commissioned warships, to provide a full ICS25 communications capability in a Main Communications Office, Transmitter Room and Confidential Books Office, complete with ventilation, furniture and fittings.

Setting to work was conducted in two  phases: during transit from Portsmouth to Rio de Janeiro in November 2011 and while deployed in the South Atlantic in February 2012.


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