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RN Satcom

Our challenge: To develop the infrastructure to support the Royal Navy’s critical satellite communications (Satcom) system – worldwide, 24 hours/day.

 The ability for any naval vessel to exchange data and voice communications from anywhere in the world via satellites is a critical success factor to any mission. Maintaining these systems in high readiness requires a logistical support system that is capable of replacing any system component – anywhere in the world – with the shortest possible delay.

In 2012, STS Defence were tasked by MoD UK to provide a Integrated Logistic Support programme for the majority of Royal Navy’s surface and sub-surface vessels.

In order to achieve the required repair times, STS Defence provide a 24/7 telephone helpdesk facility to allow Navy personnel to seek advice or report a fault from anywhere in the world. A store of radio components and antennas is maintained by the company, are ready to be dispatched with expert Satcom engineers to affect the repair.

Faulty units can then be brought to STS Defence to be repaired ready to take their place in the store.

STS Defence also provide operator and maintainer training on the Satcom equipment as well as a reference system, and continually monitor any obsolescence issues, advising the customer on the procurement of replacement components.

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