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Dormant Vessel Monitoring

Remote Sentry is designed to keep unmanned watch on small vessels or containers.

Originally developed as part of the Royal Navy’s “Rebalancing Lives” initiative, the system allows vessels to be left unattended when alongside, releasing more personnel from duty.

The system can also be used to monitor any number of ISO containers from a single station.

Using a range of newly installed or existing onboard sensors – fire, flood, gyro fault, failure of shore electrical supply and motion detectors, etc – the system remotely monitors and reports the vessel or containers’ status, sending alarms to a status panel or to a remote station, potentially anywhere in the world, via SMS.

The system is built entirely from commercial-off-the-shelf components and is fully user-programmable. Simple and quick to install either retrofitted or on new builds, the system is highly reliable and requires minimum maintenance.

Applications include:

  • Dormant vessel monitoring
  • Remote watch-keeping
  • Intruder detection

The system is in service with Royal Navy, installed on over 20 vessels including the Hunt and Sandown mine hunters, HMS Protector and the Mk 10 Landing Craft.

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