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Improving the welfare of personnel onboard warships

Maritime Multimedia improves the welfare of personnel onboard warships by delivering multimedia content to ships’ companies via available satellite, cellular and alongside sources.
For the generation who have grown up with the internet, access to the web, social media, e-mail and on-demand audio-visual content is now a basic lifestyle need, so the first fully approved, multimedia WiFi-on-board system on a UK naval platform brings families and home comforts a little bit closer to our naval personnel.
Ships’ companies can now receive multimedia and welfare services wherever they are, whenever, and however, they want to consume it.
A dedicated, secure and approved WiFi network, independent of operational systems, delivers content to crews’ own devices both at sea and when alongside.

MMM Delivers:

  • Internet access – web, social media, email
  • WiFi access in recreation, mess and user spaces
  • ‘Bring your own device’, authenticated user access
  • Live and catch-up TV, movies and sport
  • Secure and safe to protect users

Delivering these capabilities across a fleet which differs widely in size, complement and deployment requires a solution that is low risk, cost-effective and scalable as well as being simple to install without impact on operational systems. The solution also needs to be compatible with a wide range of existing and emerging bearers and sources and adaptable as multimedia and communications technologies evolve while remaining aligned to users’ expectations.

You can download a datasheet on MMM below:


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