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Transportable Tool and Disaster-Relief Systems

STS Defence’s Modular Cabinet System provide rugged storage and transportation solutions for tools and equipment and have been designed for both military and humanitarian-relief applications.
Available in three sizes – large, medium and small – modules are constructed with an aluminium frame and panels, up-and-over roller-shutter doors and are externally finished using a powder coating to give a durable, damage-resistant finish.
Modules are free-standing or stackable and can be fixed to standard interfaces on suitable vessels.
They can be transported by road, sea or air as well as being carried underslung by helicopters.
The modules can be fitted out as stowage for all the tools and components necessary for applications such as maintaining a specific airframe or aircraft class and can be easily transferred from different platforms whether at sea or on land.
Similarly, modules can be customised for the equipment necessary to maintain systems essential to disaster relief such as heavy machinery or pre-fabricated building systems.

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