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RAE Cases

We are the sole manufacturers of a comprehensive range of high-quality sealed, aluminium alloy, equipment cases, designed to contain portable and transportable equipment that is required to operate in the field, on the bench or in standard 19″ racks and cabinets.

Case Specification:

  • Available in two widths (442mm & 221mm), choice of height & depths
  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminium alloy to 5251-‘O’ and 5251-H22;
  • Welded pressings, resin-bonded and riveted to a die-case light alloy (BS 1490 LM6-M) top collar.
  • Top collar is fitted with an ‘O’ ring gasket to seal the front panel.
  • Spring-loaded recessed handles fitted to case ends
  • Paint, stoving, semi-gloss to colours DEF 1059 & BS 381C.
  • Pressure release device, which should be opened when the cases are to be transported by aircraft. Cover pressure can be equalised by the release of one fixing screw.
  • Designed to withstand the climatic tests specified in DEF STAN 07-55, part 2, sections 2, 3 and 4 with the standard front panel and cover in position

Spigoted cases assembled with the standard front panel, complete with chassis assembly, have been designed to meet the shock and vibration tests specified in DEF STAN 07-55, part 2, section 1/1

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