Through-Life Engineering

Installation, Design and Integration

Starting from an initial concept or a detailed specification, we integrate a wide range of systems; designing components, interfaces and enclosures and producing the documentation and drawings necessary for prototyping, production and installation.
Technical Specifications and Installation Guidance Plans are tailored to meet the requirements of Defence Standards, Sea Systems Controllerate Publications (SSCPs) and Joint Service Publications (JSPs).

Example Installations:



  • Complex communications, sensor, multimedia and IT based systems
  • COTS electrical installations
  • Containerised communications facilities
  • CONDO trained installation team, SC or DV cleared


  • Design and development of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems
  • Inventor 3D CAD
  • RF, software and structural design capability

Technical publications

  • Technical authoring and illustrating
  • System, operator, workshop and maintenance manuals
  • Illustrated parts catalogues
  • Training material

Installation design

  • Installation guidance packages
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 guidance information
  • Mature design solutions documents
  • Interface and test specifications
  • Bespoke installation datum packs


  • Installation site surveys
  • Site preparation and management
  • Feasibility studies and reports
  • Costing and evaluation surveys

Enclosures and containers

  • Bespoke furniture and consoles
  • Specialist water-cooled enclosed racks
  • Deployable containerised solutions
  • Air-transportable equipment cases


  • Setting-to-work and commissioning
  • Installation inspections and acceptance
  • Naval weapons harbour trials
  • Factory acceptance tests

Data and power connectivity

  • Wiring schedules and cable data sheets
  • Data and power interfacing
  • Fibre-optic installation and testing
  • Cable routing and management
  • Data cable testing and verification


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Membership and Accreditations: